1.Start of MIT project

2.Research and analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the existing public chains

2018 Q1

1.Select and design the technical path of public blockchain for MIT project

2.Start writing technical white paper

3.Confirm strategic partners

2018 Q2

1.Completed the MIT white paper

2.Completed project website v1.0

3.Create and execute solidity scripts based on ERC 20 for project token

2018 Q3

1.PC wallet based on CLI

2.MIT blockchain browser

3.Verification and implementation of sharding dynamic weighted consensus algorithm (SDWC)

4.Release open source code on Github and keep updating

2018 Q4

1.Mobile wallet based on iOS

2.Mobile wallet based on Android

3.Development of kernel of MIT blockchain

4.Development of P2P network protocol

5.Development of block storage for ledger

6.Runtime environment development

7.Test network development

8.Consensus algorithm test

9.Consensus engine design and validation

10.Consensus engine implementation

2019 Q1

1.pre-α version of MIT main chain launch

2.Debugging system combined Consensus engine with the consensus algorithm

3.MIT network file system

4.MIT main chain deployment, debugging and rollback mechanism

5.Verification and development of MIT sidechain

6.Multi-sidechain support

7.Verification and development of MIT subchain

8.Multi-subchain support

2019 Q2

1.α version of MIT main chain launch

2.Include verification and implementation of CBP distributed cross-chain protocol

3.Verification and implementation of cross-sidechain routing protocol

4.Verification and implementation of cross-subchain routing protocols

5.Verification and implementation of Non-Turing complete CLP (contract language processing)

6.Implement the abstract syntax tree (AST) based on the BNF paradigm

2019 Q3

1.β version of MIT main chain launch

2.Implementing sharding functionality for main chain and light nodes

3.Realize transaction model identification and security check based on semantic analysis NLP

4.The formal verification of Hoare Logic is realized through Z3 and using F* function programming language

5.Dapp integrated development environment

6.A pluggable and modularized mechanism for Various consensus algorithms

2019 Q4